IMG_5089Every day of my life is spent observing and appreciating ornament, patterns and designs in art and in nature. Researching the ornamental art of other cultures is one of the highlights of my work.  I am always keeping an eye out for inspiration in my travels, walks, hikes and bike rides.

Decorative painting is in my blood. My great-grandfather, James Monroe Hewlett, painted sets and murals all over NYC, including on the ceiling of Grand Central Station. Most of my close relatives create art in one form or another.

My skilled painting crew and I are well equipped do any job from prep to finish on everything from furniture to multi room finishes.

I have designed and executed very large multi-layered stencils and applied decorative finishes on walls and floors and worked in all kinds of situations from total renovations to finished residences.


My clients include:

Carrier & Co.

Cullman and Kravis

Tom Scheerer

Jeffrey Bilhuber

The 21 Club

Colefax & Fowler

Mark Uriu, Inc.

Martha Graham Dance Company


My skills include:

large and small scale stencils . borders . decorative designs . glazing . faux finishing . trompe l’oeil . venetian plaster . repair and repainting of fine wallpapers and finishes . touch-ups to walls and furniture . reproduction of any pattern or design